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Ali Allam

Front-End Developer

I find joy in crafting seamless and interactive experiences for the web.
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about me

Hi there! 👋 I'm ali allam, a Front-End Developer with a passion for bringing digital ideas to life. Since diving into the world of web development in 2022, I've dedicated myself to mastering the skills essential for effective front-end development.

My forte lies in crafting responsive websites that not only look great but also deliver a seamless user experience. I thrive on the challenge of designing dynamic and engaging interfaces,

Beyond coding, you'll catch me at the gym, sculpting muscles. When I'm not in front of the screen, I'm in the kitchen concocting new food ideas.

Here's My Tech Stack:
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JS
  • TS TS
  • ReactJS
  • Tailwind
  • Sass
  • Git&GitHub

Featured Project


I use in this project Trivia API to select categories, difficulty levels, and the number of questions . The app provides instant feedback on answers and displays a final score as a percentage. It also includes a progress bar to track performance.


Featured Project


GreenGenetics is a frontend project showcasing gardening tools and information, providing a user-friendly interface for exploring plants, learning, and shopping.

HTML CSS JS Tailwind

Featured Project

Fake Starbucks

Fake Starbucks - ShopCart for Drinks" is an imaginative frontend project that replicates a user-friendly online platform for ordering and managing drinks inspired by the popular Starbucks brand.

ReactJS Sass

Featured Project


Dashboard - A sleek static website, a testament to my css skills. Built using HTML and CSS, Noteworthy is the implementation of my own CSS framework, ensuring a consistent and scalable design, and its fully responsive.


Featured Project


This project was my first one after learning HTML & CSS. After a few months of learning JS, I tried to take it to the next level.


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